ARB SB 350 Low-Income Barriers to Clean Transportation Access Public Roundtable Meeting

The California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) invites you to attend a public roundtable meeting to discuss and provide feedback on the Draft Senate Bill 350 Clean Transportation Access Guidance Document.

Dial-In Number: (888) 769-9727
Passcode: 1117971

The Clean Energy and Pollution Act of 2015 Senate Bill (SB) 350 (De León, Chapter 547, Statutes of 2015) established as a State priority the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of various clean energy policies, including widespread transportation electrification, for the benefit of all Californians. Transforming the State’s transportation sector to support widespread electrification requires increasing access for all residents, including low-income and those living in disadvantaged communities, across a broad spectrum of clean mobility options.

SB 350 directs CARB to examine the barriers low income residents must overcome to increase access to zero-emission and near zero emission transportation and develop recommendations on how to overcome these barriers. CARB undertook a public process and directly engaged local community members, including low-income residents, to determine the main barriers to clean transportation access. CARB framed the results of this effort as a guidance document, which provides a pathway to overcome barriers to clean transportation and mobility options.

The draft guidance document, formally titled, “Low-Income Barriers Study, Part B: Overcoming Barriers to Clean Transportation Access for Low Income Residents” (Draft SB 350 Clean Transportation Access Guidance Document), and supporting Appendices are available for public review and comment at:

The Draft SB 350 Clean Transportation Access Guidance Document is an initial step in identifying the main barriers and providing recommendations as a framework to address them moving forward. Recommendations include steps that the Legislature, communities,
State and local planning, transportation, and air quality agencies can take to overcome specific barriers and begin to formulate innovative, meaningful solutions. Many of the recommendations build upon the current programs State and local agencies are implementing to increase access to transportation electrification for all Californians.

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Event Date: 
Monday, May 8, 2017 - 09:00 to 11:30
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1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814, United States; Cal/EPA Headquarters Building, Sierra Hearing Room, Second Floor